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Worldwide reach, local impact.

Here’s where – and how – we operate.


Africa is the origin of numerous Red River products including cashews, macadamias, and dried fruit. West Africa has become a burgeoning source of raw cashew nuts, quickly challenging India, who until quite recently, was the largest producer of raw cashew nuts. Both produce an average of 1.5 million metric tons of cashews annually with West Africa’s numbers growing exponentially each year. In addition to our dedicated teams on the ground, most notably in Ghana and Ivory Coast, we oversee sustainability programs that improve not only the harvest but the health, safety and welfare of those who depend on sourcing our products for their livelihood. Africa is also a source for our dried fruit including mango, pineapple, and papaya. We are working with fruit processors to increase their organic sourcing capacities as there is great potential for the growth of organic fruit.

Products sourced: cashews, macadamias, mango, raisins, papaya, pineapple


While we don’t source any of our products from North America, we have significant operations here in strategic locations near major East and West coast ports. Our home office is located in Richmond, Va., and we have offices in New York, Seattle, and California. Our Seattle office manages our pine nut and pepita operations through Golden Pacific Foods, our subsidiary in Dalian, China.


Travel south of the U.S. border and you’ll uncover another source of our dried fruit as well as macadamias and Brazil nuts. We are also actively involved in counter-deforestation efforts to ensure a future generation of healthy rainforests.

Products sourced: apple, cashews, chiaBrazil nuts, macadamias, mango, papayapineapple, raisins


Through a manufacturing partner, we maintain an apricot processing factory in Malatya, Turkey. Turkey is the world’s leading apricot producer and its Malatya Province is the center of the country’s apricot industry, renowned for producing high quality, sweet-tasting apricots. Turkey also accounts for about 70 percent of world filbert (hazelnut) production, concentrated along the Black Sea’s southern coast, and the Turkish government maintains highly modern and efficient processing factories to accommodate its crops. Our in-country team in Turkey visits apricot and hazelnut farms and buys our product directly from farmers. Red River is the leading U.S. importer of filberts.

Products sourced: almondsapricots, figsfilbertssun-dried tomatoes


We operate state-of-the-art factories in China and Vietnam. In the Vietnamese village of Pleiku, we have a dedicated team essential to our cashew operations, overseeing a processing facility where raw nuts are shelled, peeled and graded. In the Binh Duong Province, this modern factory re-cleans, naturally fumigates, and pasteurizes Red River cashews to ensure health and safety requirements are met. In India, the world’s leading producer of cashews, we maintain a permanent office for cashew sourcing.

Similar to Vietnam, our operations in China are expansive. From our facility in Dalian, we process pine nuts, pepitas, and goji berries. The facility sorts and pasteurizes our products and has boosted the local economy through job creation. Like other regions we serve, Red River is actively involved in CSR efforts to ensure harvester safety and that harvests will continue for generations to come.

Products sourced: applebanana chips, cashews, chili bits, coconut, edamame (regular and wasabi), ginger, goji berries, green bean chipsmango, okra, papaya, Peanut Snax, peas (regular and wasabi), pepitaspine nuts, pineapple, rice crackers, strawberries, vegetable chips