A sales team trusted for market analysis and social responsibility.

Red River’s sales team serves as our customers’ trusted industry consultants, monitoring global markets and analyzing trends to ensure we purchase at the right time or hold off until the time is right. We are also highly knowledgeable product experts and have carved out a niche expertise in the global nut, seed, fruit, and vegetable supply chains.

Perhaps most importantly, our entire company is grounded in the understanding that taking care of the farmers, harvesters, and processors who provide our products is critical to safeguarding the sustainability of our planet, our food supply, and the livelihood of families in the communities where we operate. Our sales and sourcing teams put their boots on the ground, travel the world, and meet the people and families who make their living providing our customers with quality products.

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Safety Programs

Red River Foods has developed and implemented numerous safety protocols to ensure our products are safe, high quality products- free from biological, chemical, or physical hazards.  Our products come from top-tier processing facilities that offer numerous certification standards such as BRC, USDA Organic,  EU Organic Certified DE-ÖKO-005, Fair Trade, Fair for Life, and Regenerative Organic.


In addition, Red River is fully compliant with the 2011 U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which sought to cut foodborne illnesses by enforcing tighter standards around how foods are grown, harvested and processed. We have on staff a full-time Director of Quality and Food Safety, who has established standard operating procedures for compliance with FSMA and have trained Red River personnel and partners around the world.


We also abide by the Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) Program and the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP), which requires that any food imported from foreign countries must be produced in a manner providing the same level of public health protection as food produced in the U.S. Red River has trained PCQI personnel in the U.S. and at origin who help us to verify the suppliers’ compliance with the FSVP, including onsite auditing, sampling and testing, review of supplier records and more.