Highest quality foods, market expertise, social responsibility: That’s Red River Foods.

Red River Foods is a leading U.S. supplier of premium nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and specialty snacks. Our mission is to source the highest quality foods, provide expert market insight, and develop sustainable supply chains around the world.

Our history

We have been supplying quality ingredients to the bakery, dairy, confectionary, cereal, and snack food industries for over 40 years.

Integrity is built into the very foundation of our company. Many organizations use the phrase lightly, but we live integrity daily through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts around the globe that support and guarantee a sustainable future for the people, processes, and foods along our supply chain. And as a vertically integrated company, we take control of our supply from harvest to the hands of customers, and maintain tight relationships with farmers, partners, and customers to ensure not only a quality product but a product that is sustainably sourced for future generations.

Thanks to our knowledge of the international markets, vast global reach, and the advantage of having Red River Foods staff on the ground worldwide, our customers are confident entrusting us with their food sourcing needs.


The better we do as a business, the larger impact we can have on the world around us.

— Dan Phipps, Red River Foods CEO

Our Reach

Red River has established a worldwide reach, serving a loyal customer base of over 200 companies with over 40 products sourced from more than 20 countries around the globe.

Though our home office is in Richmond, Va., we maintain offices strategically located near major ports on the east and west coasts of the United States including New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Our global presence requires us to maintain a strong foothold in each of our main sourcing regions, with offices in Ghana, Ivory Coast, India, China, Vietnam, and Turkey. While cashews are our largest import by volume, we import significant amounts of Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts and filberts. We source pine nuts and pepitas from our subsidiary Golden Pacific Foods in Dalian, China. From our facility in Malatya, Turkey, the heart of Turkey’s apricot producing region, we source our fresh apricots and control the quality from the ground up while overseeing drying, processing, and packaging. Located in the heart of West Africa’s cashew producing region, our offices in Ghana and Ivory Coast have played an integral role in validating market reports for historically manipulated markets while sourcing raw cashew nuts (RCN) and kernels from RRF-approved facilities. Our factories in Vietnam allow us to take further control over the supply chain to meet the tightest specs in the industry, ensuring the best quality cashews on the market.

Our presence in these countries ensures a secure, quality supply of product as well as the opportunity to become involved in local community development.

How We Have Grown

Like all that grows in nature, our company started from a seed, specifically, a sunflower seed. Planted in the fertile Red River Valley of North Dakota in the 1970s, this seed grew into a multi-product food enterprise. With a strong emphasis on cashews, we secured a place in the world snack food market by the mid-1990s, and continue to outgrow our roots. By consistently expanding our product line, we thrive as a leading U.S. importer and can always create new opportunities for our customers.